Why Aqua Nautica Water Makers

Why Aqua Nautica?

Superior quality at most affordable price

12V – 24V models

85% less energy consumption then standard hi-pressure watermakers

No need for generator

Quiet operation.

Very little maintenance

Total absence of vibration

Simple to use: no need to adjust pressures. Entirely hydraulically operated, the machine is automatically self-regulating according to operating conditions

Very easy installation



Reverse osmosis desalination was first developed more than 60 years ago. But the original process required a lot of power. By recovering 90% of the energy lost in conventional reverse osmosis systems, we’ve made small desalinators practical, so you can have fresh water when and where you need it.

Conventional Reverse Osmosis Desalination

When saltwater is pressured through a membrane at high pressure usually at 55 bar, pure water will
pass through the membrane, but salts will not. The membrane blocks contaminants such as salts making fresh clean drinkable water.

When seawater is pressurized through a membrane, only 10% passes through as pure water.
In a conventional system, the remaining waste brine stream, still under high pressure, is discharged
overboard. For every liter of pure water made, up to ten liters of seawater must be pressurized! So, 90% of the energy used in conventional reverse osmosis is lost!

Aqua Nautica Energy Recovery pump

Recover and effectively re-use the energy wasted in conventional reverse osmosis. The waste brine stream contains up to 90% of the used energy. By recovering this energy, we are able to dramatically reduce the power needed to desalt seawater.

To do this, we use a high-pressure energy recovery pump. It recycles the high-pressure brine by
redirecting it to the backside of the pump’s piston. The brine provides a power assist to the pumping
operation. Seawater can then be pressurized with much less energy.